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IRS Offer in Compromise Attorneys

Has your tax obligation gone past your financial capability to pay? Then you require the help of our experienced tax professionals. Our tax experts can assist you with an affordable and reasonable solution, such as an Offer in Compromise.

Meeting all requirements for an Offer in Compromise

The IRS will not acknowledge an Offer in Compromise , until they have received a completed application with supporting documentation . IncometaxHelpline.com will work with you to ascertain whether one of these three conditions for acquiring an Offer in Compromise can be met:

  • It is proved that you would never be able to pay your entire tax obligation within the remainder of the time period.
  • If there is a reason to the doubt the accuracy of the tax evaluation.
  • Exceptional conditions in which full tax collection would cause economic hardships.

IRS Offer in Compromise Negotiations

To determine whether you are applicable to pay all your taxes, the IRS will measure your “Reasonable Collection Potential” based on the following:

  • Real-Estate Property
  • Automobiles/Recreational Vehicles
  • Investment Properties
  • Anticipated Future Income
  • Bank Accounts/401K’s/IRA’s/Retirement Savings

Please note some states have a similar tax relief program. Give tax experts at IncometaxHelpline.com a chance to help you and gain financial freedom.