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Did an IRS Revenue Officer try to contact you? Are you facing an audit or struggling to pay taxes? You require a tax attorney to help you settle your tax issues. IncometaxHelpline.com has tax attorneys that are experienced at negotiating with the IRS.

What Is an IRS Revenue Officer?

There are a huge number of IRS Revenue Officers allocated to different tax issues, for example,

  • Delinquent tax returns
  • Financial audits
  • Tax examinations
  • Overdue Tax Debt

State and Federal Revenue Officers

Revenue Officers can be utilized at an state , federal, or local level and work exclusively for the advantage of the government. They are in charge of:

  • Reporting tax issues to the IRS
  • Verifying information for tax claims and refunds
  • Interviewing you to determine the accuracy of your tax return
  • Notifying taxpayers and entrepreneurs of underpayment of taxes

Trying to negotiate with a state revenue officer or an IRS Revenue Officer alone can put you at financial risk. Our tax experts at IncometaxHelpline.com can help you meet all requirements for a reasonable and adorable tax resolution.

The Risk Of Owing Back Taxes

IRS tax collection action starts when an IRS Revenue Officer sends an IRS notice or report. If you do not resolve your tax problems you are liable to the following:

  • Seizure of assets
  • Wage garnishments
  • Bankruptcy
  • Tax liens
  • Bank levies

You Need an Experienced Professional Tax Team Behind You

IncometaxHelpline.com can help you stop the forceful and intimidating strategies implemented by IRS Revenue Officers. Our tax experts are up to date with current tax laws and regulations and can help you settle your tax issues before they escalate.