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Occasionally taxpayers end up in unforeseen financial occasions that put them in a situation where they are unable to pay their taxes. The IRS understands such situations and has the power to grant non-collection status as long as you can prove that collection of taxes will cause financial hardship.

How to be Placed in Non-Collection Status by Proving Financial Hardship to IRS

This status is not automatically granted, you must apply for this hardship. The IRS places people on non-collection status on a case-by-case basis. They will assess each request to see whether further collection would cause economic hardships.

Filing for Hardship

When filing for uncollectible status you will be required to provide personal financial information and fill out detailed IRS forms. It is essential to give the IRS enough information to determine that you do not have any way to pay taxes owed and it would be in their advantage to stop collections and permit you additional time.

We Can Help

IncometaxHelpline.com are experts in dealing with the IRS and can help you file the proper paperwork for financial hardship status. Get in touch with our tax professionals today