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IRS Tax Lien Attorneys

The IRS has methods that they use to collect back taxes. In case, that you have not been paying back taxes, you are liable to a legal collection action called a tax lien. You need help from a qualified IRS tax lien attorney to make decision. Our team of tax experts at IncometaxHelpline.com can resolve your tax issues efficiently.

What Is an IRS Tax Lien?

A tax lien is a legal case filed by the IRS against anything of worth, which you possess. This can be your home, business, salary, cars, adornments, property, and so on.

How IRS Can Take Action Against You

Before an IRS tax lien can be filed against you, the accompanying criteria must be met:

  • The tax liability has been assessed
  • A “Notice and Demand for Tax Payment” letter has been sent
  • You have rejected or can’t pay off your tax obligation inside ten days of accepting the notice

IncometaxHelpline.com will take control of your tax issues and make you get an agreement, which is beneficial for you.

It Is Important to Have Income Tax Helpline on Your Side

Trying to negotiate a government tax lien settlement with the IRS all alone can actually cause more penalties and fines, extra financial strain, and missed opportunities. You require the help that Income Tax Helpline can give. Our IRS tax lien attorneys and tax experts know your financial rights and what tax reimbursement alternatives are accessible. We can represent you in all IRS tax matters . Our tax specialists are experts in:

  • Tax debt elimination
  • Prevention of tax liens
  • Release of bank levies
  • Repayment negotiations
  • Legal representation with the IRS
  • Accurate submission of unfiled tax returns
  • Withdrawal of tax liens
  • Federal and IRS tax lien settlement and resolution

How Can We help?

Our tax experts at IncometaxHelpline.com are knowledgeable about IRS tax law and will help you get a more reasonable settlement for you to pay your tax liability and negotiate a government tax liens discharge and IRS tax lien settlement and resolve. You can entrust IncomeTaxHelpline.com to help you regain your financial freedom permanently.