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Consistently more than 15 million households do not file a Federal tax return. In the majority of cases, these people are not required to file according to tax regulations. Whether you need to file depends generally on your wage, you’re filing status and your age. Subsequently, in the event that you are thinking whether you should have filed, you ought to see at the minimum income filing requirement for your age and filing status for that given year which is commonly clarified in the yearly 1040 guidelines gave by the IRS. With respect, to state taxes, you ought to visit your local state’s tax agency’s website so to determine the filing prerequisites.

Results of Unfiled or Delinquent IRS or State Tax Returns

If you have neglected to file a Federal tax return (when you are required to) or you have unfiled tax returns you will be faced with penalties and interest. Concerning State tax penalties, every state is different however the collection method maybe quite similar. Tax levies, tax liens, and penalties are used by states as well.

The most effective method to File Unfiled IRS or Old State Tax Returns

In the event that you understand you need to acts fast to avoid potential penalties and interest, there are a couple of rules you can follow to file any unfiled tax returns. For instance, the IRS may file a substitute return for you and send it to your last known location. The substitute return will not include deductions and credits. Our tax experts, can prepare and file a return to insure that you have received the maximum amount of credits and deductions in order to lower your tax liability. .

IRS Failure to File Penalty: Penalties for Not Filing a Tax Return

The standard IRS inability to file penalty is 5% a month and will maximize at 25% of the aggregate tax liability. Around 33% of all inability to file penalties can be removed by providing a “sensible reason”, know whether you qualify to have your penalties removed.

Unfiled IRS Tax Return Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The IRS tax code is not only complex but also long. Filing taxes has become very hard without the help of tax software or a tax expert. Get in touch with IncometaxHelpline.com today and get answers for any question you have regarding the IRS and taxes.