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six steps to reduce tax on salary

Make your salary tax friendly

Restructure your salary so that you can make full use of all the deductions available to you like food coupons, LTA, telephone and newspaper allowances.

Make full use of section 80C

Open a tax saving FD, buy tax saver mutual funds, open PPF account, utilize home loan interest, tuition fees of children or buy term life insurance.

Claim HRA

If you are living on rent then you can claim HRA and reduce the taxable portion of your salary. You can even pay rent to your parents to utilize their tax slabs.

Buy health insurance

Even if your employer provides you a health cover then also you should buy a personal health insurance policy for yourself and your family.

Open an NPS account

Start saving for your retirement by opening an NPS account and save tax too!

You can get an extra deduction of 50000 apart from section 80C on NPS.

Charity goes a long way

Certain donations to various charitable organizations can be claimed as tax deduction under section 80G.